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Hypermedia, also known as HATEOAS or Hypermedia the Engine of Application State, as defined by Wikipedia is "a constraint of the REST application architecture that distinguishes it from most other network application architectures. The principle is that a client interacts with a network application entirely through hypermedia provided dynamically by application servers. A REST client needs no prior knowledge about how to interact with any particular application or server beyond a generic understanding of hypermedia."

Hypermedia discussion have been going on for some time now, but in the last two year we've seen Hypermedia go from what is seen as academic dicussions to proven implmentations in the wild, showing the benefits of other REST implementations.

While there are still a limited amount of tooling out there to support Hypermedia API implementations, and there are no companies that exclusively target the area, the increase in the number of Hypermedia APIs warrants taking a closer look a the space. As I do with other areas, as I work to understand different approaches I want to help tell stories about hypermedia APIs that the mainstream can relate with.

As part of this reserch I'm aggregating companies, and individuals who are doing interesting things in the space, as well as the tools, services, and other stories around their work. The more hypermedia is discussed in the space, the more you'll see this research grow.


Roy Fielding on Versioning, Hypermedia, and REST

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Designing, implementing, and maintaining APIs for the Web is more than a challenge; for many companies, it is an imperative.This series takes the reader on a journey from determining the business case for APIs to a design methodology, meeting implementation challenges, and taking the long view on maintaining public APIs on the Web over time.Along the way there are interviews with influential individuals and even a suggested reading list on APIs and related topics.This InfoQ article is part of the series “Web APIs From Start to Finish”.You can subscribe to receive notifications via RSS. more.

Top 5 Most Popular Themes On API Evangelist In 2014

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Throughout 2014, when I look at the top 10 posts in my Google Analytics dashboard each month, there has been a consistent theme of what stories are driving page views. The concept of a page is only one metric I look at when evaluating where the API space might be going, and while I don’t write stories specifically to page views, they do provide me with a general barometer of what my readers are interested in. I’m seeing give areas consistently generating the most views across the API Evangelist Network: Internal APIs - This slot is pretty much dominated more.

We Dont Need Many Hypermedia Formats Fresh Blurbs By Irakli Nadareishvili

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Views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.In addition, commenters are responsible for their comments.Earlier today, I had a very interesting Twitter exchange with Darrel Miller.That exchange inspired me to share some of my thoughts about media types, in the context of Hypermedia Architecture and APIs.Before we ask that question, what we really should be asking is: why do we even need media types? more.